Is it time to replace my timing belt?

Honda and Acura recommend their timing belts be replaced every 90k miles on older models and every 105k miles or 7 years (whichever comes first) on 2000 models or newer. Here are some clues that your Honda or Acura may have timing belt issues: A high pitched sound Visual damage (inspect for cracks, chips, missing […]

Honda Tip – Save Dollars on Gas!

If you need to fill up your Honda or Acura on a hot summer day, it’s best to wait until after dark when it’s cooler.  Gas expands in the heat of the day, so if you fill up when it’s really hot out, you may be filling up your tank with gas that’s expanded, meaning […]

Cool Air Conditioning Tip

Is your Honda or Acura roasting when you first get in the car on a hot summer day?  Here’s the best way to cool it down fast. Start your car and open your windows Turn on the A/C full blast Make sure your air recirc button is set to off (so that it’s bringing in […]

Does Your Honda Have Squeaky Brakes?

A quick internet search will tell you it might be nothing but a certified mechanic knows just how dangerous squeaky brakes can be for your Honda or Acura. Modern brakes are made with brake squealers that vibrate when they come in contact with the rotor. These brake squealers are a small piece of metal that […]

2014 Accord Plug-In & Hybrid

If you are in an accident and need to have your 2014 Accord Plug-in or Hybrid towed, please note these precautions: Flat bed towing equipment is the preferred over front wheel lift systems, however front wheel lift towing equipment may also be used. When rolling a damaged Accord Plug‐In or Hybrid with the front (drive) […]

Safety is Job 1

Honda & Acura air bag system components have been carefully designed to protect occupants.  Each vehicle has safety systems designed specifically for use in that particular vehicle. Installation of salvage or used air bag components is not recommended.  If you have a question or concern about the safety of your vehicle, we’d be happy to […]

Todd Littlefield – Owner/Operator of the H Shop

The H Shop is owned by Todd Littlefield. Todd was born and raised in Kirkland where he continues to reside with his wife and family. He has been a Honda specialist since 1979. The H Shop started out of Todds home garage. His business grew so much that in 1985 he was able to open […]

What year is your Honda?

It doesn’t make a difference what year your Honda or Acura is. We pride ourselves on being technically advanced and possess the ability to work on all models.

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